Tree Pose
Passionate About Inspiring Others

I am extremely passionate about finding a healthy way of being that incorporates food, movement, and the great outdoors to achieve optimal wellness unique to you!

I have always had an inquisitive mind about how we move through life. Over time I have come to discover that physical movement is just as important as feeling our connection to nature, and fueling our bodies with good food. When we can find a balance of all three, we can feel whole and purposeful.

There has been a revelation in my life when I've created space to allow this to flourish in my day-to-day, and I hope to guide you on that journey as well. We are all here for a reason, and why not explore it while feeling our best!

As far as the affirmation behind "you are holistic," I'm a firm believer of inspiring positivity within yourself about yourself. When we use the term "I am" when referring to ourself, and "you are" when referring to others, it can have a huge impact on our psyche. If we can choose our thoughts, let's choose the positive!

  • 200-Hour Yoga Teacher

  • Holistic Nutritionist Consultant

  • Wilderness First Responder


San Diego, CA



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