November 27, 2018

A Flow to Detox the Holiday Stress (in less than 10 minutes!)

With the Holidays coming up, it's not just the change in weather that causes us to be more susceptible to colds. When we are stressed, our adrenal glands sec...

March 20, 2018

So you've made it past the fear of falling when kicking up, but you can't quite get the handstand to stay in place. Worry no more! Practice these compound movements and see your feet fly.

Basics of Handstand:

  • Strong...

December 18, 2017

Climbing utilizes every part of the body, which means that full-body stretching and strengthening is crucial to sending those harder routes. Side bodies extend, the spine moves in all directions, hips are a complete ga...

July 8, 2017

It's starting to really feel like summer here in San Diego! People are out and about, the sun is shining bright as ever early in the morning, and the smell of warm air lingers into the evening. With so many outdoor act...

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