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Lauren has set me up for total health success! She gave me a detailed list of nutrients I needed, and the best foods to eat for my goals. The recipes she has are delicious and simple to make, which makes it easier to incorporate into my healthy lifestyle. 

I was in a hopeless place healthwise when I discovered Lauren. I couldn't cook at all, let alone find the right foods for my condition. I'm doing much better now and can cook the right things now! She really shows she cares about each individual.

Lauren is patient and thorough with her nutrition planning. By having her breakdown the best foods for me, I feel better than ever knowing I'm caring for my body, mind, and soul my way.


Lauren is very knowledgeable about how the body moves, and is smart with how she approaches each person's individual goals.


Her classes are always creative! I love this, it allows me to explore more of my physical, mental, and emotional bodies. She also offers thoughtful hands-on adjustments when necessary, which helps me get deeper into my practice.


San Diego, CA



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