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Escape to Breathe, Breathe to Escape

Close your eyes, and escape to a place in nature. Breathe in deeply, breathe out smiling.

All of us have that one special place that comes to mind when we think of escaping into nature: forest, desert, ocean, snow. Although these landscapes are different, they share one thing – Connection.

Connection to the inhabitants that breathe the same air, connection to others that have come before you in that very place, and connection to the innate elements that create our world. I know many people who wouldn’t be caught dead camping, yet still have a pull to some place in nature, and THAT is the beauty of the outdoors. It’s not the crisp air, the fresh breeze, and pretty trees (although that doesn’t hurt!). It’s the deep-seeded emotion that everyone can relate to, everyone can connect to, that makes being in nature beautiful.

I’ve been blessed to have had the opportunity to camp with my grandparents, brother, and cousins every summer growing up. We’d drive for what seemed like forever, but when the golden meadow, and dancing shadows of pine trees came into sight the moments blurred into bliss.

I try to get out into the quiet trees as much as I can while living in the city, because it’s easy to forget the beauty of stillness. My deepest breaths are activated out there. I feel rejuvenated, limitless, and when my heart starts buzzing I know I’ve escaped, even if just for a sliver of time.

It is my hope that we don’t forget these glints of pure connection. I hope that if we are only able to be in nature every once in a while, we feel it fully; so that when we close our eyes, and breathe deeply, we can escape there too.

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