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Cue the Summer Adventures

It's starting to really feel like summer here in San Diego! People are out and about, the sun is shining bright as ever early in the morning, and the smell of warm air lingers into the evening. With so many outdoor activities, it's hard to pick a favorite.

My best recommendation is to walk around and hike Torrey Pines State Natural Preserve. Check out the photo gallery in this post for inspiration!

It's difficult to not have a light-hearted smile on your face when you're skipping, jumping, and frolicking on the shore!

Or what about climbing around on the cliffs. Feeling the ruggedness the salt water has created on the rocks.

I love the greens of the moss, mixed with the golden shades of brown of the rock, and the bright blue sky. A pleasing color scheme to the eye makes the scene that much more magical.

After all activities are played, be sure to sit back and watch the waves mingle with the sand as the salty air grazes your skin and curls your hair.

Take a moment to breathe deeply.

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