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How Mala Beads Can Save Your Meditation Practice

You may have seen these beautiful beaded necklaces or bracelets and thought nothing other than a pretty piece of jewelry. Little did you know that these Malas (beads) can be used as a powerful tool to help start, or go deeper into, your meditation practice.

Before we get too in depth, let's breakdown the meaning behind Mala. Yogis and spiritual seekers have been using Mala beads as a way to more deeply connect to their meditation practice for thousands of years. In Sanskrit, Mala translates to "garland." There are usually 108 beads on each necklace, plus a guru bead to be used as a powerful marker in the necklace, which represents the student-guru connection.

Why 108? This number is considered to be sacred in various Buddhist and Hindu texts. Well-known mathematicians in Vedic culture have said this number represents the wholeness of existence. It also connects the Sun, Earth and Moon. The approximate distance between the Earth and Sun is 108 times the sun's diameter, and the approximate distance between the Earth and Moon is 108 times the moon's diameter. (Find out more about the science behind 108 here.)

Each necklace symbolizes a different thread of intentions depending on the gemstones of the beads, and the wearer's unique intentions (this is especially true when one can make their own necklace).

So how can we use our Mala beads to help us meditate? Each bead of the necklace represents a mantra recited, a full breath taken, or an affirmation to commit to. By inviting in the physicality of counting and moving the beads through your fingers, it helps the mind to stay clear, calm, and focused.

Join me for a special 2-hour DIY Mala & Meditation Workshop on Sunday, February 11th from 3pm-5pm at Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga North Park where you will make your own Mala necklace, set your own special intentions, and learn how to use it in your yoga and meditation practice!

Reserve your spot and choose your unique gemstones by Feb. 6th.

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