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The Joyful "Diet"

There has been so much hype around certain diets since I can remember. Let me breakdown a quick timeline. We started with the fat-free diet, which just ended up adding more sugar and carbs to the foods we ate. Fast forward to the borderline neurotic side of dieting that involves counting every calorie, every macronutrient, every flake and every raisin in your bowl of cereal. This is enough to make you go crazy stressing over everything. And now, we have the ketogenic diet, which although works for some initially, it can be difficult not to "relapse" and end up gaining more weight.

So how can we eat healthily, without restrictions, and without guilt?

Allow everything you eat to come from a place of joy, delight, and total mindfulness.

Feel how your food reacts with your body, and then just listen. Listen to how your body responds - is it light and happy, or is it heavy and down? Whenever you eat a treat (whether it's savory or sweet) enjoy it fully. Bite by bite. Savor it all.

Our mind, body, and digestion are all connected. Eat with intention, eat with goodness, and listen.

So reality check. This may sound idealistic, especially when you're new to thinking about food differently - as a way of helping your body heal or stay healthy. This is where I come in. My Nutrition Plan will give you all of the guidelines and tools you need to make the right food choices for you. Once you establish your understanding of the nutrients your unique body and mind need, it can allow you to tune in to what it feels like to be your most vibrant self, making it easier to feel joyful with your food choices.

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