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What to Eat for Spring?

Eating with the season helps us connect to the natural rhythms of life, making it easier to go with the flow and be at ease. It also helps to support organic farmers who plant and harvest according to the climate that each season offers (aka we eat fresher, more nutrient dense foods).

So let's first focus on overall lifestyle shifts that are beneficial for the Spring season.

According to Ayurveda (the sister science of yoga), Spring is ruled by the Kapha dosha. When this dosha is imbalanced we can become tired, sluggish, foggy in the mind, and depressed. When this dosha is balanced, we can feel incredibly grounded, stable, and strong both inside and out. In general, we must move into a space that is light, energetic, and rhythmic. Here are a few ideas feel your best in Spring:

Get outside in the early morning. It's best to get out (hopefully in the sun) between 6am and 10am, the part of the day that is ruled by the Kapha dosha. This helps the body and mind become invigorated, and set a positive tone for the day. Bonus points if you incorporate movement during this time, too!

Move your body. Even if you just have time for a few rounds of sun salutations this can help shake off the coldness of Winter and the wetness of Spring. If you have extra time, try to incorporate chest openers to increase the capacity of the lungs (the space in the body where Kapha resides), and allow you to incorporate deeper breaths. Twists are also a great option as we move to detox through the body, resetting our digestive system and wringing out any dampness left in the system.

Create a routine. When establishing a rhythm and flow to our days, we can ground into our practices and achieve greater balance. This can be as simple as lighting a candle each night to bring up the lightness of Spring, or just taking 3 deep breaths outside when we wake up to start our day. Whatever you decide, stick with it, establishing Tapas or self-discipline, which will in turn increase your internal heat.

Eat lighter meals. We'll get into specific foods to choose in a bit, but we need to break out of the heaviness of Winter and lighten up for the warmer months. This includes eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, and eating smaller portions especially in the morning and evening.

So now that we know the intention of our lifestyle to ease our way through Spring...

Here are Some Foods to Incorporate More of:

- Fruit: Fresh Berries | Prunes | Cherries

- Vegetables: Asparagus | Artichoke | Cruciferous Vegetables (kale, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, etc.) | Radishes

- Grains: Barley | Millet | Quinoa

- Legumes: Lentils | Miso | Garbanzo Beans

Here are Some Foods to Reduce:

- Dairy Products (if you choose dairy, reduce Cow's milk and focus on Goat's milk instead)

- Sweeteners (honey can be chosen in small quantities if necessary)

This is a general guide for Spring. If you'd like to really dial in your diet and lifestyle to feel optimal and vibrant, please contact me with any questions!

I hope this serves you well, and Happy Spring!

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